Taking the leap into the world of large scale optimization


Computational physics group members join forces to revolutionise the way the hardest and most valuable industrial optimisation problems are solved

It was no surprise when the three man team made up of: Alex Kosenkov, Ethan Brown and Ilia Zintchenko decided to join forces to tackle some of the world's hardest optimization problems from a new refreshing perspective. After all, the team stacks an impressive amount of experience in the fields of mathematical optimization, machine learning and high performance computing.


Mindi cofounders. Left: Ilia Zintchenko (CEO). Right: Ethan Brown (CTO).

Now, they have been working together on bringing to life what should be a game-changing enterprise, Mindi. A crowd-powered platform specifically designed to improve the way hard industrial optimization problems are solved. Examples include the development of automated planning and scheduling systems to trajectory optimization, and everything in between. Multimillion dollar problems permeating a huge number of industries.

By fostering global competition around the worlds hardest optimisation problems, Mindi aims to dramatically improve efficiency across all industry sectors. Ilia Zintchenko - Mindi CEO

Even though the team has already amassed a pool of extremely efficient algorithms, some of which outperform the current cutting edge optimization algorithms in the industry, they are fully aware that the potential for improvement having an open approach is big. Thus, they have placed their bets on bringing real world examples of hard optimization problems to any capable programmer in the world and letting them compete on the development of taylor-made algorithms, specifically tuned to excel at a given task. What is in it for the succesful developers? A sizeable portion of the commercial revenues associated with the problem at hand.

The team has already been working in close collaboration with major players in the entrepreneur world like Davide Venturelli and having just joined Techstars, one of the most presigious accelerators in the world, who selected them as part of a promising set of 11 ventures out of a pool of over a 1000 competing proposals, they have decided to move their operations to London.

The team is currently operating full speed ahead and will be opening their first beta very soon. Stay tuned!

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