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Mar 29, 2017

Orbital contributions to the electron g-factor in semiconductor nanowires

Georg W. Winkler, Dániel Varjas, Rafal Skolasinski, Alexey A. Soluyanov, Matthias Troyer, Michael Wimmer. Recent experim ...

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Mar 23, 2017

Quantum Monte Carlo tunneling from quantum chemistry to quantum annealing

Guglielmo Mazzola, Vadim N. Smelyanskiy, Matthias Troyer. Quantum Tunneling is ubiquitous across different fields, from ...

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Mar 22, 2017

WannierTools: An open-source software package for novel topological materials

QuanSheng Wu, ShengNan Zhang, Hai-Feng Song, Matthias Troyer, Alexey A. Soluyanov. We present an open-source software pa ...

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Artificial intelligence meets the quantum world

Computational physics lecturer Giuseppe Carleo introduces articial intelligence techniques into the realm of many-body quantum systems. Read more 


New PhDs Awarded

Computational physics group members Medha Soni, Michele Dolfi and Andreas Hehn have succesfully defended their PhD theses recently. Read more 


In memoriam: Diethelm Würtz

Recently Professor Diethelm Würtz at the Institute for Theoretical Physics tragically passed away. Here we wish to remember him and pay tribute to his long-term contributions to our community at ETH. Read more 

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